Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meeting up with Contikian

Tonight, we will meet up with our tour manager and tour mates. Well, i heard of Contiki few years back from newspaper. The wonders of this tour are - only for age 18-35 (cause we have a lot of party and clubbing time!), you will have your own free time to visit around (cause is half guided tour, half on your own), the price is not that cheap.
However, it still worth to join contiki for this eastern europe trip.From my research, train ticket itself can cost up to RM2k if we backpack. Contiki cost me around RM6k for 12 days tour (including hotel, transportation, add on and most of the meal). Its even cheaper when you sign the package during matta fair.
Everyday, our tour manager - Ali (pronounce as Ally) will stick this notice at hotel lobby, from this notice, we know what is our itinerary and departure time.First night dinner is for us to get to know each others. Most of the tour mates were from US, Australia & Canada. 1 from Taiwan, 5 from Singapore, 1 from south Africa and 3 from Malaysia.
Although is an ice - breaking dinner, but i only get to know 2 friends from Malaysia - Chloe and Calvin. Who i already knew them. Well, perhaps we are not that popular among western people.
The best thing of joining tour, we always have 3 course meals. For my last backpack trip, almost every day we ate sandwich and maggie mee. But this time...hahahah! i even gain weight after back from the trip.
This is super delicious dessert!
First night in Berlin. We are going to Berlin wall tomorrow!

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